Digging Through the Trash Heap on My Computer

As I’m looking for something I wrote a few years ago that is a nice fit for my blog, I am coming across all this old stuff I’d forgotten about. Be it “good” or be it “bad” here’s a poem I wrote for a class I took at CSL-KC a couple of years ago. Sharing it because I am fascinated with how clearly my life has themes. Who knew I was fixated on these very same things for years. ‘Bout time I started doing something with it all. (Even the whole nature theme. Totally weird)

In the Heart of God

I am receptacle and seed,
Sunshine and rain,
The gentle hand that loosens the earth
Around my roots,
The soft firm voice that whispers
“Grow little child, grow strong, grow free.”

I look into the eyes of Martin Luther King, Jr,
into the eyes of the slave owner,
into the eyes of Gandhi,
into the eyes of the one who killed a thousand sons
into the eyes of Jesus
into the eyes of every woman who never had a name
and see my own hopes and dreams
calling me out of the nightmare clutter of
“You are nothing. You never will be.”

I am the bird in flight,
powerful wings turning air into path,
the currents of spirit calling each beat.
I tuck the fears of generations under warm quilts
created by gnarled and loving hand,
sing lullabies to comfort,
lay them to rest.

I take the hand of every father,
the hand of every grandmother
who ever believed that they were nothing more
until all they had to give was nothing more
and I turn my face to the sun and begin to walk
singing a new song
with a voice spun from the chords of multi-hued angels
who look a lot like me.

2 thoughts on “Digging Through the Trash Heap on My Computer

  1. Your writing is truly inspirational and beatiful. Keep writing,please,for the rest of us. We need your perspective.

    • Thanks, Wanda. (Just figuring out how to approve and reply to comments–a learning process. Somehow it seems easy now, but I couldn’t figure it out when first you wrote. Yea for learning!) Got a new one up this week and setting up the plan to make sure I keep them coming on schedule.

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